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Our Quoting Process:

As a Florida independent insurance agency, our team is equipped to handle various types of insurance coverage, including homeowners, automobile, renters, dwelling fire, boat, commercial property, commercial general liability, jewelry, inland marine, workers’ compensation, flood, and professional liability insurance as well other additional types of insurance coverage not listed here.

To ensure accuracy and provide you with the best possible quotes, we will require specific information and documents related to the type of insurance coverage you seek:

  1. Homeowners Insurance: We’ll need details about your property, including its location, construction type, square footage, and any safety features or upgrades. Information about your personal belongings and desired coverage limits will also be essential.

  2. Automobile Insurance: We’ll require details about the vehicles to be insured, including make, model, year, and VIN. Your driving history and the desired coverage options will also play a crucial role in determining the premium.

  3. Renters Insurance: Providing the location and details of your rented property, along with information about your personal belongings and desired coverage limits, will help us offer suitable renters’ insurance options.

  4. Dwelling Fire Insurance: Details about the property, its occupancy status, and specific coverages needed will be necessary to quote dwelling fire insurance accurately.

  5. Boat Insurance: Information about your watercraft, including make, model, year, and size, as well as your boating experience and desired coverage, will aid in providing boat insurance quotes.

  6. Commercial Property Insurance: For businesses, we’ll require information about the property, its location, construction type, and desired coverage limits to tailor commercial property insurance quotes to your needs.

  7. Commercial General Liability Insurance: Understanding the nature of your business, its operations, and the desired liability coverage will be essential to offer comprehensive commercial general liability insurance quotes.

  8. Jewelry Insurance: Providing appraisals or receipts for valuable jewelry pieces will assist us in offering appropriate coverage options.

  9. Inland Marine Insurance: Details about specific items to be insured and their transportation or storage needs will be essential for inland marine insurance quotes.

  10. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Understanding your business’s size, industry, and employee details will enable us to offer tailored workers’ compensation insurance quotes.

  11. Flood Insurance: We’ll need to assess your property’s flood risk based on its location and provide you with suitable flood insurance options to safeguard your home or business from potential flooding.

  12. Professional Liability Insurance: For professionals such as doctors, lawyers, or consultants, we’ll require details about your profession, potential risks, and desired coverage to offer comprehensive professional liability insurance quotes.

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