Reservation of Rights

Reservation of Rights | What’s on the Reservation?

How does an insurer communicate to an insured that there may be a coverage issue with regard to a recently submitted claim? A “Reservation of Rights” is a document which spells out specific policy language in comparison with the initial facts submitted by a field adjuster and analyzed by a claims examiner, which may give rise to coverage being withheld. It is important to note that just because an insurer is reserving its rights to potentially withhold legal defense and/or indemnification it does not mean that insurance is being denied. It simply means that additional investigation will be occurring with respect to the facts surrounding the occurrence.

The essence of insurance is claims handling.

Often times, the process is not smooth or understandable to many people. This is where your agent should be of the greatest service to you. An agent is not a claims adjuster, nor does he or she have the authority to settle claims on behalf of an insurer. However, an agent can provide knowledge of the system, facilitate communication and help to clarify certain issues to aid a client in their time of need. At Rolfs Insurance Services, we offer the strength of knowledge with integrity to provide protection. When you need us, we’ll be there to help you when the unforeseen loss happens.

Claims are sudden and fortuitous, demanding quick decisions.

Our goal is to help you through a loss by working in your best interest when you need us most. Use us as a resource to help you through the process. If you have friends or family that could use our service, kindly refer them to us by forwarding a copy of this newsletter to them, and have them give us a call or an email. The highest form of compliment is a referral and we have been fortunate to build our business over the years this way. We would like to thank you for the referrals you have given us in the past and very much appreciate the opportunity to serve those that you send to us in the future. We wish to serve others and make a difference with those people we have contact with.

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