Storm & Hurricane Psychology

Storm & Hurricane Psychology

“The storm is not coming to my house.”

“It’s not going to hit my neighborhood.” “The weather report is flawed and the storm will not impact me.” Many people use denial as a defense mechanism for circumstances which are beyond their control. While this may be a relatively common reaction by many, it is not a healthy way to deal with the potential arrival of a storm that may have the probability to change your life. This type of thinking provides people an excuse to do nothing in terms of preparation for a catastrophic event. As a result, some people don’t get ready for a storm until it is painfully evident that they are about to be impacted.

It takes time, energy and money to prepare for hurricane season.

All of these things can be mitigated with early organization and coordination with respect to planning for such an event. It is flawed thinking to believe that the potential damage that can occur as the result of a hurricane is simply fate. We have the ability to mitigate potential damage to life and limb by thinking ahead and taking action. While it may be cliché to think in terms of an evacuation plan, have a communication strategy with loved ones in the event that telephone and internet infrastructures are knocked out. Have an approach for notifying your insurer of potential loss. This type of thinking empowers people to take control of their destiny. By dealing with the situation in a proactive manner, a sense of fate may be removed allowing for a better directed outcome.

Remember, that hurricane forecasting is an inexact science.

When watching the meteorologists on television, know that there is a margin of error. Realize that you must be prepared just in case. Understand that if the weatherman says the storm is coming and then it does not come, this is not a reason to disbelieve future weather reports. It is always best to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Don’t let complacency keep you from being ready. You have the ability to minimize potential losses with proper planning.

At Rolfs Insurance Services, our intention is to help our clients avoid risk when possible.

If the risk cannot be circumvented, then we try to help our clients mitigate potential damage if possible. Finally, if the potential for financial damage does occur we help our customers to transfer that risk to an insurance company through the payment of a premium with quality carriers that will respond. Feel free to call us to discuss your plans, and if you have family and friends that can utilize our services kindly have them give us a call.

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