Tips to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Here are some basic questions and answers which you should consider when looking at the cost of homeowners insurance and your home or home improvements.

How can comparing quotes help homeowners save money on expensive endorsements or additional coverage like flood insurance?

Comparative shopping is always prudent. Certain carriers have appetite for risks that other carriers do not and the premiums are commensurate with that appetite. The current Florida insurance marketplace does not offer a wide variety of choice in that many carriers are not freely writing insurance, but for those that are, it is a good idea to see what they have to offer to optimize coverage for the best possible premium.

Is it possible and wise for a homeowner to compare insurance companies based on more than just cost, such as the percentage of claims that are denied?

It is always prudent to seek multiple offers of insurance. Comparing factors such as financial solvency, coverage terms, conditions, and limitations is smart but not always easy to do. A good agent with knowledge of these things can make this easier for a client to understand as the layman may find this very challenging without a deep knowledge of the issues. This information for comparison is not always readily available in the public forum.

What are your top tips for saving on the cost of homeowners insurance?

Cost savings are best achieved with full wind mitigation, water leak mitigation, theft deterrence such as a central station monitored alarm system, and the obtaining of multiple offers of insurance to the extent to which they are available. Today many people are doing without valuable endorsements, such as, replacement cost coverage on contents in order to save money as well as attempting to reduce the dwelling coverage by working the replacement cost estimate. While these moves can produce savings they also may leave the insured without proper coverage in the event of an occurrence. Premium savings must be carefully considered in terms of the risk/reward benefits.

How does the home’s construction type impact insurance or other costs?

Construction type as well as the year built of the dwelling are significant factors which impact the cost of insurance. Typically, masonry constructed homes are less expensive to insure than frame constructed homes while homes with steel reinforced concrete roof decks are less expensive to insure than homes with wood truss roofing systems. Homes that have opening protection that meet the Miami-Dade County code are less expensive to insure than those homes that do not have these features. When looking for a home with insurance premiums being an escalating ongoing cost, it is important to find a dwelling that has the best construction type and features to maintain the lowest possible insurance costs.

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