Prevent Water Damage | Keep the Water Out of Your House

The upcoming dry winter months represent an ideal opportunity to ensure steps are taken to prevent water damage to your property. As discussed in prior newsletters, the single largest cause of loss in a home is water damage. One of those sources of water damage comes from water penetrating through walls and windows, particularly by wind-driven rain.

Prevent water damage by maintaining the exterior seals.

In order to mitigate the chance of loss from water damage, it is important to make sure that your home is properly sealed. Ensure the windows are caulked and the exterior paint is in good condition. Essentially, it is the painting of the walls that seals the stucco and concrete block finish on your home.

The process entails pressure cleaning the house, then applying a water sealant to the stucco. Once the water sealant has been applied, a primer coat is rolled or sprayed onto the house. After the primer coat has cured, two coats of paint are usually applied to provide a well-sealed wall. It is at this time that the windows should be recaulked as well, since pressure cleaning, caulking and painting all go hand in hand to properly seal the house from wind driven rain. Remember, the best way to deal with water damage is to prevent it before it happens. Diligent maintenance keeps problems from happening.

Travelers Insurance Company also has guidelines to prevent water damage. To view these guidelines and other common causes of water intrusion, click here.

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