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Property Insurance in Action | Rolfs Insurance Services Pembroke Pines

Property insurance is concerned with construction costs in terms of rebuilding a structure if it is completely destroyed and must be replaced.

Obviously, complete destruction is less probable than damage that can be repaired, but the concept of insuring to value, which is a cornerstone of property insurance, is based on this premise. Property coverage entails insurance for homes, dwellings, commercial buildings and other appurtenant structures which are known as real property, as well as the values of the objects held within them with respect to financial loss. Other risk related to the ownership of property includes but is not limited to loss of business income, mechanical breakdown and public liability.

Tornadoes in South Florida evidence the need for insurance coverage.

The power of the wind can damage even the most fortress-like of buildings at a moment’s notice. An analysis of insurance premiums reveals that the greatest percentage of insuring costs relates to the potential for wind occurrences, such as a hurricane, tropical storm, tornado and even a severe isolated storm. In other words, wind risk is responsible for South Florida’s high property insurance rates. In fact, Florida’s residential property insurance rates are the highest in the nation due to the state’s propensity for wind losses. Our geography places us in hurricane alley.

On February 16, 2016, Rolfs Insurance Services received phone calls from clients who had suffered damage from severe storms. We placed claims and advised people to take action to dry out and secure their properties, while documenting everything and waiting for the insurer’s adjusters to make contact. When our clients call, we take action to help people recover from damaging occurrences. We remind our people of their responsibilities as well as the insurer’s obligations including the impact of the deductible, in accordance with the claims process. We strive to give strength through knowledge delivered with integrity in order to provide protection in a moment of need.

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